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WEDGE ANCHOR 16 X 150 RKGD wedge anchors' design allows them to anchor fixtures into concrete. Concrete wedge anchors work by inserting them into a hole drilled into concrete. The concrete wedge anchor is then expanded, wedging itself securely in the concrete. USES • RKGD wedge anchors are designed to be used in solid concrete. • They should never be used in CMU block or brick base material. • wedge anchors are packaged with the proper size and quantities of nuts and washers. • Hole size to be drilled in the concrete is equal to the diameter of wedge anchor being installed. APPLICATION •Steel base plates Storage racking Strut and cable tray Seating Pipe support Sprinkler system • Steel & Wood Plates • Outlet Boxes • Mail Boxes • Guard Rails • Grain & Storage Bins • Steel Buildings • Shelving & Bracing • Stadium Seating • Sign Bases • Hand Rails • Light Fixtures • Machine Anchoring • Water & Gas Meters • Storage Tanks • Pipe Hanger Mounts • Phone Booths • Headers • Dock Bumpers • Equipment Racks • Conveyor Belt Mounts • Manhole Applications
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